Yeom Ji-Hee

Born in Korea. 1985


2005-2009. University of Hong-ik. Painting. B.F.A. Seoul. Korea

University of Hong-ik. Film, Video&moving. B.F.A. Seoul. Korea

2010-. University of Hong-ik Graduate School. Painting. M.F.A. Seoul. Korea


Solo Exhibition

2008. Hours of malte. Chez Robert. Seoul. Korea

2013. From Hysteria-To the Stage of Drive. Gallery Art Sagan. Seoul. Korea

Group Exhibition

2011. 03. Contest 2011 (Kwan-hoon projects_Young artists). Kwan-hoon gallery. Seoul. Korea

2011. 04. In the city(Dongbangyogoi Prize Best-21 Artist, Art in Culture).Chung-mu art hall. Seoul. Korea

2011. 08. AHAF(Asia Top gallery Hotel art Fair). Young Artist Special Exhibition. Grand Hyat Hotel. Seoul. Korea

2011. 10. In-cheon Women Artists' Biennale(Special Exhibition). Museum of Korea Immigration History. In-cheon. Korea

2011. 11. Talking to the world. Keum-san gallery. Heyri. Korea

2011. 12. Best of best (Dongbangyogoi Prize Best-21 Artist, Art in Culture). Sangsang-Madang. Seoul. Korea

2012. 03. 五人作展 - 異美知(image) 加減乘際. Art Company GIG. Seoul. Korea